Pepper Robot join staff in several coffees and restaurant

Several coffee shops and restaurants decided to employ the SoftBank’s Pepper Robot. The robot act as a front-desk capable to taking order and process payments. More and more companies are seeing potential of “having a robot” in terms of entertainment for their clients and as helper for the business.

The robotic platform Pepper Robot born from the french company Aldebaran Robotics, later acquired by SoftBank, is very popular in Japan ( 1000 units were sold  after a single minute). Pepper is the success of NAO robot, We met NAO, one the main attraction, at Malta robotics expo 2019 MRO19

Pepper’s Cafe:


The robot is able to speech in different languages and provide non-verbal communication using it’s body, head and arms movements. The robot’s touchscreen provide graphical informations or touch actions.


Pepper works as receptionist at several offices and  it is able to identify visitors with speech recognition and facial recognition. The robot use two cameras as eyes, and one camera on it’s bottom body to identify obstacles in it’s path.


Pepper starts a communication with nearby persons, with its 120cm height it is not intimidating but instead it looks very friendly for adults and kids. Never tired on repetitive tasks or questions, which enable the staff to focus on more important tasks.


  • OS  Android
  • Battery Lipo / approx. 12hrs (in use)
  • 10.1′ touch display
  • Mic x 4, RGB camera x 2,3D sensor x 1, Touch sensor x 3
  • Wifi , Ethernet


Did you ever meet Pepper it in your trip?  Let us know in the comments!

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Pepper Robot assistant for retails and business
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