LIKU social robot makes you fall in love

LIKU is a social robot, it’s appearance and movements resemble a small kid, and makes everyone fall in love! The robot can move autonomsly around your house and when he find you will try to approach and say hi!

LIKU collect informations thought a variety of sensor like microphone arrays, 3d camera and touch sensors. It determines what is happening now, and decides what it wants to do based on desires and emotions.

The company TOROOC has the mission “Robot+ Our Daily Life” to create a strong relationship between people and the social robots .


Functionalities :

  • Facial, Voice and Object recognition
  • Biped balancing skills
  • Emocions
  • Smooth movements using 22 servos
  • touch sensors
  • dancing skills
  • autonomus AI
  • learning skills

Interview with TOROOC:

Q) Is this LIKU cloud connected ?
R) Not yet, It is stand alone product now but in few years we can do.

Q) How long will last the battery?
R) 2~3 hours. (It is lithium battery)

Q) There will be a mobile app ?
R) Yes. You can set the name, gender or something else and check its emotion. We are still thinking the way to make people have interesting experience!


What’s next?  Liku  will be avaiable soon ! In the meantime you can build your OTTO humanoid robot or buy one from our shop 🙂

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