Robots in healthcare can facilitate work of operators and make patients more happy

Diligent Robotics created Moxi Healthcare Assistant to reduce the load on the health operators.

Moxi is a robot that aim to automate some task of human operator like fetch particular equipment, delivery supply or food, store equipment, delivery of samples to analysis department.

For instance, if a patient has been discharged and their room is marked clean in the health record, Moxi will get a command to take and prepare a set of fresh supplies for a new patient to the room so that it’s all ready to go for the next person.



Patients  would ask for selfies with the robot; one child even sent Diligent Robotics a letter asking where Moxi lived.

The nurse told the Diligent team that she just didn’t have to think about the task anymore—which means that she could spend more time with patients



The robot has a vision sensors, speakers, a robotic arms and extensible body. The robot connects to the hospital’s electronic health record system and receive tasks on changes of patients information.

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