Robot worms can climb up in the air

RCTR (Reconfigurable Continuous Track Robot) design is inspired to nature and especially to worms! the robot can change its entire body shape using just one extra actuator, this allow the robot to “climb on itself” and to “build its own track in the air as it advances.”.


David Zarrouk @ Ben Gurion University of the Negev –  RCTR robot

The “robot worm” can change its shape while moving using 2 motors only (3 motors in the current design). The robot can climb over obstacles and pass over objects without touching them.

"truck" lock mechanism 
“truck” lock mechanism 

However the robot design has a main issue :  due to its simplicity it can’t steer left and right but it could work in pairs like a tank’s wheels.

This type of robot can be useful during  search and rescue applications, agriculture, pipe inspection, industrial maintenance and others.


[Source IEEESpectrum]


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