Built and simulate your production line using DOBOT robotic arms

Simulate your production line using DOBOT robotic arms give you a big advantages in the industry : identifying a bottleneck before the real system is in built can save thousand of hours of work. On the educational side we can use the simulation to teach and explain the steps of the production line to workers.

Volkswagen Academy has made a full production line simulating the real car assembly line, assembling a model bus:

Dobot Magician –  multi-functional desktop robotic arm

DOBOT Magician is low cost, small size robotic arm that allows every student to practice on their own. It can be controlled by Programming, APP, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mouse, and more. Also replacing the end of the robotic increase dramatically the range of functionalities like 3D printing, drawing and laser engraving!


  • Pick and assemble various components
  • Easy to use
  • Full Documentation
  • Arduino code compatible
  • Controlling using WIFI, Bluetooth and PC

Check more on the DOBOT official website



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