Bring anime characters to life using Robots – meet Mirai

Mirai is an “anime” robot built in collaboration with Furhat Robotics and Bandai Namco. Their goal: bring to reality the famous Vocaloid Mirai Komachi.

The result is the first interactive ” real anime head” , an embodiments of a 2D animated character:

The robot has peculiar expressiveness, and it can sustain dialogue with people around it. It’s goal is human interaction in the entertainment industry .



There is huge potential here, to bring thousands of beloved characters to life in a way that has never been done before. We believe these robots could fit perfectly at amusement parks, arcades, movie theaters…the possibilities are endless.”   – Samer Al Moubayed, CEO of Furhat Robotics.


  • “Visual awareness” using camera and sensors
  • AI “dialogue” capability using voice recognition on the Cloud
  • Facial animation
  • Head movements to increase expressiveness


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