The Convergence of Humans and Robots using Exoskeletons

Smart manufacturing, digital delivery and robots, the industry 4.0 has achieved great results with goal “increase profit and decrease costs” bringing robot and human working closer.

Ever closer

The Guardian XO is a full-body powered exoskeleton designed for human augmentation and force-multiplication. This is one of the most advanced real-life power suits in the world and represents the cutting edge of physical human augmentation and wearable robotics.

The company Sarcos Robotics build the robot as first full functional prototype of a long series of experiments. The battery powered exoskeleton with 24 electrical motors that can handle loads of up to 200lb.


the user has access to an operator control panel which is about the size of a smartphone .  Because the user arms are free, it is easy to place the exoskeleton arms in a lock position while the user accesses the control panel.


To achieve security was necessary effort into the software and in the design of the exoskeleton :

  • The user can leave the Guardian XO in 30 seconds or less.
  •  The exoskeleton attaches only at the feet, waist, and chest.
  •  The arms will not work unless the user is firmly gripping the control handles, otherwise they lock into place.
  •  In case of a power failure, the remaining electricity is cycled through the motors, significantly hindering any rotational motion so the joints can slowly come to a resting position.
  • In case of a trip or fall, the exoskeleton is designed to automatically lift the arms and create a roll cage around the user.
  • The software does not allow the Guardian XO to throw a punch or kick.




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Source : Sarcos Robotics Begins Delivery of Guardian XO Full-Body, Force-Multiplying Industrial Exoskeleton Alpha Units, Sarcos Robotics Press Release, Dec 10, 2019, link

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