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Otto DIY is more than a robot: you will learn how robots works, you will build and code your own Otto and his personality !The robot  is completely open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable, and with a social impact mission to create an inclusive environment for all kids.

Otto DIY brings children and people closer to technology :  learn the logical connection between code and action, and by assembling it they understand how its components, and electronics work.

Buy a Otto DIY Kit robot you will be able to build your own custom robot in as little as one hour with your kids! 

In short, it is the ideal companion for developing STEAM skills: by building it, children exercise mathematical thinking, reinforce their technological and physical knowledge and enhance abilities such as problem solving and creativity. Through play and experimentation, children can learn about a technological product in a fun and educational way.
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  • Easy to build and disassemble with only one mini screwdriver.
  • Simple robot kit
  • Easy for Beginners
  • Easy and Illustrated manual
  • Can be personalised
  • Can be upgraded or evolved

The community of Otto DIY is lively and lovely  and willing to help ! Otto DIY community members posts updates about new robot design tricks, functionalities, and new code upgrades.

We had the pleasure to interview Jason Snow, a very active member of the community and designer of his Otto design called “OTTO Arms”:

Q) Why you like your Otto version ?

Jason : OTTO Arms make Otto look more humanoid

Q) Did you use a kit of your build your own?

Jason : Designed and programmed myself

Q) What was the most difficult part to assemble?

Jason : The most difficult part is getting everything to fit in such a small space

Q) what will be the feature you would like to include in your robot

Jason : The feature that would be great to add would be a voice

Q) What is your favorite robot? Do you own/built any other robot at home?

Jason : I have built several robots, the best one is ROBOCHICKEN which myself and two work colleagues built to compete in 4 series of the popular UK TV series Robotwars.


Thanks Jason!

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