Meet the opensource robots from the community #OttoREMIXchallenge

The robotic challenge by OTTODIY #OttoREMIXchallenge  just ended with over 60+ different entries “remix” ! This is an incredible result for the opensource community that benefits from them and keep the project up-to-date.

An Overview

An “actor” robots OTTO-Chaplin , Scary robots OTTOWEEN and animal robots inspired to Alpaca like Alpaca-OTTO. We have also remixes that enhance the functionalities like “rotating head” OTTO , “biting otto”  OTTOBITE or add “drawing functionalities ” otto-turtle-robot . We have entries that creates robots from Different Materials like simple wood WOTTO and MIRI.

Check all the project here on Wikifactory  


OTTO-Turtle-BOT can draw on paper:

And this one can walk like a turtle

OTTO-W : OTTO on Wheels

OTTO-BITE can simulating speech, opening and closing its mouth!

Fri3D Biped Robot


Many and many creative entries, each with different functionalities: #OttoREMIXchallenge is a huge success for the community?

Download your OTTO-Remix, print and build your robot ! Congratulations, we are all winners! 

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