XIAOMI FIMI A3 is flying robotic drone with a DIY expandibility

Drone, in a technological context, is a flying robot. Drones and Robot are capable of carrying out a complex series of pre-programmed actions automatically. DJI is building government flying robotic drones  for information gathering, Amazon is working on delivery packages  in  30 minutes using drones “Prime Air”  or Aerone is using drones to clean skyscraper windows.


The gamechanger is Xiaomi :


Xiaomi went a step further from their competitors :  The Xiaomi FIMI A3  include a fully programmable DIY port in the back of the drone . This choice created a strong appealing for makers and open-source community for this product. A typical example of use of the DIY port is a Rescue Pack Drop system for drone, medicine delivery,  IOT Device Delivery and much more!

Features :


  • 2 axis gimbal  with electronic image stabilization.
  • 1080p HD Camera that produce very nice footages
  • 21 min fly time
  • 5.8ghz controller ( 1 kilometer controlling range )
  • Controller with LCD included, no wifi or phone required
  • Double GPS
  • DIY expansion port
  • Brushless Motors
  • Price under 300$

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From the Community : Drop system for Fimi A3 drone


Schematics :

On the opposite side, under a rubber flap, there is the 6 (2×3) pin DIY port (pin-out is: RX, TX, VCC +12v, GND, PWM and GPO).

List of materials :

  • 9g SG90 servo
  • M2 bolts
  • 5 volt regulator ( must use)
  • 6 pin header


Download the Xiaomi Payload Drop System by MPistol here on Thingiverse 

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  1. Why not show the whole process of putting on the 5v regulator to the plugs and wiring? I would sure like to see it so that I could do the same for my Fimi A3 when it gets delivered shortly.

  2. Hi Marco, nice page but i have a question …
    I read pin DIY port (pin-out is: RX, TX, VCC +12v, GND, PWM and GPO) But that is Chinese to me, please can you send me a wire diagram
    Thanks from the Netherlands

    1. Hi Duch, tx pin and rx pins are for data transmission and receiving,grn is ground (negative -) and vcc pin usually is positive (+) 12+ volt but I would confirm first with a common multimeter device first.

  3. Unfortunately, the serial port is disabled. That makes the “DIY” term usage just marketing strategy, and nothing more.

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