OTTO DIY evolves with ESP32 support

This time I would like to mention that we upgraded the OTTO DIY project giving it the power of the esp32 support. As our reader knows we love robotic and expecially myself I love to contribute to opensource robotic projects ( Check also the WIP Otto Zero ) !

ESP32 vs Arduino Nano as brain:

The ESP32 is now cheaper and a a viable alternative to the Arduino Nano, it’s also faster and the full build require less components as it includes wifi and bluetooth. Also having a bigger memory it can finally surpass the current limitations and it has more space for code , Led Matrix faces, servos ( for arms for example ) , sounds and sensors.


You can download the code from the official Github repository


The Esp32 version of OTTO library ( OTTOESP ) required some changes from the original library in the references of Oscillator.h and Servo.h library to make compatible with ESP32Servo library. You can use those libraries alongside the standard otto library.


  1. Copy “libraries” folder in your Arduino/libraries folder
  2. Edit Otto_esp32.ino and choose your leg pins (default are IO 14,27,16,25)
  3. Press the “Flash” ( or “Boot”) button on your ESP32 board before uploading the code.


Same as OTTO DIY 🙂 !


  1. Standardize library
  2. Add bluetooth support
  3. Add wifi controlling capability


Looking forward to see your contributions 🙂 !



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