Otto REMIX challenge accepted ✔️!

Build your own OTTO remix to win amazing prizes! The new design contest by OttoDIY  is ongoing and there are over 100+ different entries. Remember the deadline is 3rd of November 2019!


Create your robotic project and  explain the steps to build your robot , use photos, schematics, share code and be innovative : videos are encouraged!

Do you have an idea for OttoDIY? submit to the Otto REMIX Challenge you can upload as many robot designs as you want! There are no limited amount of projects that you can have, it will give more chances to win one or all these prizes!


  • 1st Place winner will receive One OTTO DIY 3D printer kit
  • 2nd Place winner will receive one full Otto DIY+ Builder kit
  • 3rd Place winner will receive one full Otto DIY Builder kit.


  • 3rd November 2019

Full details here :


NEXT: Zeus a prototype robot similar to Anki Vector and Cozmo and Otto Zero is a robot for your travels

•About Me: Hi, my name is Marco, I'm a tech enthusiasts and Software Developer . Robots have been my passion since I was a child! •PersonalRobots Mission : We will guide you in choosing the perfect domestic robot, check our robot reviews! Learn with us how to build your robot and check our opensource robotic project :)

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