Nothing can stop this robot spider – Robugtix Z6 Review

Nothing can stop this robot spider, Robugtix Z6 it is able to climb stairs, walk in irregular terrains, explore narrow spaces  or hazardous environment.

The company Robugtix is well known for their spider-bots such as Giant Black Widow W6, and their famous spider robot  T8X. The new  Z6  is a “portable and fold-able robot for use in professional environments.”


Think of this robot as an agglomerate of 6 “industrial” robotic arms. You can do a lot with just one, imagine with six of them.


Features : 

  • 18 motorized joints 3DOF
  • Accellerometer and gyroscope
  • Sensors on each foot
  • Integrated FPV Camera
  • Can carry payloads


The robot can roll over and upright itself if required, and can even carry small payloads such as additional cameras, grippers or sensing equipment.

The Wi-Fi-enabled joystick with integrated monitor for navigating the robot and observing its surroundings . It’s an excellent bot for search and rescue operations in confined spaces or hazardous environment inspections.


Want to build your own robotic spider ? Check Vorpal Robot is a open source hexapod toy ! You don’t like spiders? try with  robotic kitten 

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