Review: MRO19 Robotics and Technology Expo

The Malta Robotic Olympiad ( MRO )  attracts over 16,000 visitors every year and it is the largest technology event on the island. The event repeat annually with great success and enthusiast and We went to visit it!

The location is MFCC, with over 8500 sqm of space, the entire space was filled with stands, a big stage for announcement and competitions and a food court on the side. People and children could walk though the stands in ease and try the various robotic attractions: The robot section space between high-end robots  to robotic kits, and robot for kids 🙂 !

mro malta robotic 2019
mro malta robotic 2019

Robotic Showcases:

Sony Aibo  :

The AIBO behaves similarly to a real dog. It wags its tail, barks, and even obeys commands such as sit. It can even find its own bone and you don’t have any hassles of toilet training. The AIBO is a must-see at the Gadgets Expo if you’re looking to experience the latest in robotic pet technology  –  GadgetsMalta

ottodiy aibo malta robotic mro
ottodiy aibo malta robotic mro


“Ninu” is robotic platform, used as an assistant by companies to welcome, inform and entertain visitors. – by Ascent


The company’s product were present though various sponsors: it was possible to play with the Spero products, have support for the configuration, and buy the products.


The robot was the favourite of the hobbyist and kids, it was possible to see a dozen of various “remixes” of the OTTO robot at the fair, mostly from PersonalRobots and RoboCoach!

nao ottodiy robotics malta
nao ottodiy robotics malta


Robot Sumo: 

Robot Sumo is a contest where two autonomous robot contestants try to push or flip each other out of a circular ring!

Malta Robo League:

Designed for young children (7 to 11 years),Teams will focus to fix a real-world problem using robots!



Our impression of the MRO19 Robotics and Technology Expo is positive  and we could feel that the audience was captivated.

Everyone could enjoy a robotic companion!





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