XR-1 robotic girl assistant has fluid movements like us

XR-1 robotic “girl” assistant has fluid movements and hand dexterity alone seem way more advanced than some of the most modern prosthesis used today.

The robot has precision in its movement and speed that are impressive to see in such a small body frame, It can be remote controlled or can act on its own using a AI platform called CloudMinds .

Similar to the Pepper Robot, it useful as service robot and front-desk jobs. XR-1 has some advantages like of stronger arms capable of manipulating objects, and bigger form factor. The male version is called R5S  can be remote controlled via human operator using VR.


  • Face Tracking
  • Object tracking
  • Object manipulation
  • Dialogue System AI
  • 34Degree of Freedom


  • OS : Ubuntu Linux + ROS + Android
  • Wheels : x3 Omnidirectional
  • Vision : 2D+3D Cameras
  • Sensors: Lidar, Ultrasonic, Smoke Sensor, Gyro
  • Connectivity : WIFI + Bluetooth
  • Battery : 8 hours – Lipo 40AH

More and more companies are seeing potential of “having a robot” in terms of entertainment for their clients and as helper for the business.


Robotic workers achieve precise, exact movements and execute with minimal error and faster production times and improved quality in products . They can perform banal, repetitive tasks that can also be dangerous. Removing the need for people to perform these tasks leaves more room for growth in employees’ areas of interest and expertise.


XR-1 Robotic “girl” is build by the chinese company INNFOS, and use INNFOS’s proprietary actuators (SCA Compliants).

Check the official website here

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