Is Furby to be considered a “Robot”?

Furby is a famous animatronic toy that appeared in 1998, in that year something new arrived on toy scene, and it’s never been quite the same since.The creator David Hampton and Caleb Chunb, inspired to the Tamagotchi virtual pet popularity, designed an electronic companion you could pet. The code name for the toy was was iriginally “Furball”

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Is Furby to be considered a "Robot" ?

The Idea behind the first Furby

The Furby was a big hit because was designed to make you believe that it was alive.  The toy it became alive and human in a way that other products hadn’t been. In 1998, 1.8 millions of Furby were sold and in 1999 the number grown to 19 millions units.

Develop Skills:

  • Furby starts out speaking entirely “Furbish”, the unique language that all Furbies use, but is programmed to start using English words and phrases in place of Furbish over time.
  • It’s personality change and adapt depending on how you interact with it.
  • Furby can communicate and interact with other units using infrared light ( 1st gen), ultrasonic sounds ( 2nd gen) or bluetooth communication (3th gen).

The animatronics contains a wide range of sensors : touch , light sensors, microphones. It’s eyes and mouth and ears are animated with dedicated motors , the latest version can also rotate the body to create a wide range of actions.  The last version Furby Connect is able to connect with smartphone using the dedicated mobile App.


Where to buy Furby Connect:

Use the link below


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