Cozmo 2.0 announced .. but what is under the hood?

Cozmo 2.0, an upgraded and renewed version of our beloved Cozmo, appeared in the Digital Dream Labs website! The robot can be pre-ordered at 197.00$ now with expected delivery early as May 2021.


The new robot will receive an additional 30%+ battery increase, a better camera ( from 640p to 1048p) , a full colour screen and four  obstacle sensors(  instead of one in the original version). You may already noticed that the specs and the upgrades are now aligned to Vector 2.0 . Coincidence🕵️?

“Common” mystery

We can only speculate : Cozmo 2.0 can be a Vector 2.0 in disguise or vice versa, they may just run a different software firmware, sharing the same factory and the same design. Having a common design is convenient to reduce cost of manufacturing process, packing and replace parts.

Like in a sci-fi movie, could you imagine that in few click, using an “OTA Upgrade” , you could choose to load Vector or Cozmo personalities ?


It could be that the company is preparing the ground for new online functionalities and new sources of income : Cozmo 2.0 may require a subscription in future, just like Vector 1.0 and 2.0,  but so far those are just my thoughts.


Buy your Vector and Cozmo here and now:

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