Vector Escape Pod and Open Source Kit — “Vector Unleashed” Updated

An upgrade for Vector to be independent from the cloud. The focus of Digital Dream Labs is on the long term support and to unleash the hidden potential of the software to opensource developers .

A Kick-Starter Campaign from Digital Dream Labs


Anki’s assets acquisition from Digital Dream Labs has the mission to continue the journey of Vector. In the last Kick Starter  , the company CEO Jacob Hanchar, showcase the plan to make “Vector robot comeback”.

 “The Escape Pod”  take Vector off of his external servers while still being able to function perfectly. This will, safely, expose settings over Bluetooth, allow the user to move and set endpoints, removing the need for the cloud server. In other words, your Vector will become 100% independent and he will be part of his natural habitat, your home!

“Open Source Kit for Robots” (OSKR) and is a response to the thousands of emails you guys have sent us. Our hope is that this serves as a demonstration of our dedication to giving and enabling the Vector community the means to have even more fun creating features for him.


A Vector 2.0 Project

The exciting plan bring renewed interest both to consumers and to developers that long awaited for official news. The ultimate goal for DDL is to upgrade and relaunch the robot companion, removing the complexity and issues that was affecting the product from the start. DDL can potential benefit from a solid technology with a wide user-base of customers and enthusiast developers.

The “Anki Vector Owner ” community was already backing up some unofficial crow-founding campaign like Project Victor.  Check : What will happen to Anki Vector Servers?

Open-Source option at a small price

The one-time fee for the OSKR, it provide a set of cryptographic keys and software to be able to use the full extends potential of Vector.

OSKR : A bootloader image that permanently converts production a robot into a “Dev” robot, enabling flashing of boot and system partitions. Cryptographic security will provide a simple means to control ownership and authenticity. All builds must be signed, but we will provide an additional set of keys to the community for the purpose of making open Vector builds. This is identical to the method that the previous company used for internal development.

Check the KickStarter Compaign (Preview) —  Source Reddit r/AnkiVector


Update 21/02/2020

“Vector Unleashed” compaign is now public, fully funded in less than 24 hours, reaching the goal as we speak!


 Short Q&A with the CEO Jacob Hanchar

Q: How the use the Escape Pod

A: The Vector Escape Pod simulate a local offline server, more details how to setup will came soon. It can also be used for personal application.

Q: Do you need to buy a new Vector?

A: No, any Vector unit can be updated.

Q: Why 5 licences, what if I buy an additional units? 

A: There are several owners with more than one robot units, so it make easy to register and unlock your Vector later on.

Q: What mean “enhance the community”?

A: We will listen to the community for further request of functionaries, create documentation, support and coding camp how to build your functionality, essentially give the “keys” to community members and developers to be self sufficient.

Q: Where I can buy my Vector robot? 

A: We are seeing a rise in the sales of Vector units from the start of the kickstarter announcement,  We suggest to buy from Amazon.

Q: What will happen  to Anki Vector Servers after September 2020?

A: The servers will be on, but the new subscription model will have taken effect by then.

Q: What about Cozmo?

A: Cozmo is coming back online! We are planning to resume the Cozmo production line by June 2020, and work around the ” virtual environment”.



Source: Streaming of Q/A with Jacob Hanchar here


Buy your Vector and Cozmo here and now:


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