A new Miko3 in the house !

Welcome to Miko3 improved with an autonomus AI by Miko.AI !  We were surprised by the first model Miko2 capabilities to connect parent and kids via remote communication and play


Here is what the new Miko3 has improved :

  • Deep learning AI enables Miko 3 to understand and respond to a kid’s world, instilling feelings of companionship and social connection to help build confidence.
  • Lot of expressivity with a huge animated touchscreen screen
  • Wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors to map distance and edges and move.
  • Unlimited access to telepresence to stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling via Miko App
  • Data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data remains secure.

“MikoMax” subscription

Miko3 can be always a suprise thanks to a curated list of contents update regulary with music, lessons ,videos . This is a premium feature that comes with annual /quarter  subscription called “MikoMax”. the subscription is optional

Miko Max is a premium offering by Miko for unlimited playful learning on Miko 3. It provides unlimited access to premium content from top tier companies such as Da Vinci Kids, Kidloland, Cosmic Kids etc with 50k+ hrs of content.

In addition to this, Miko Max will also give unlimited access to Miko’s unique capabilities like Miko’s moments, Mikonnect & Multilingual capabilities. Last but not the least, customers will also get one year extended warranty on your Miko 3.

Our customers have an option to choose from our Miko Max subscription plans, quarterly plan at US$49 and an annual plan at US$99. They can subscribe to Miko Max by clicking on the Max option on your parental app.

 Miko Max  subscription is optional will not stop from doing any of Miko3 function.

here is a list of game and contents that Miko3 can perform ever without the subscription :
Moments, Fight Viruses, Flag-a-thon!, Backpacking!, Wild Jingle, Save The Planet, Ting Ting Tales, Mikojis, Miko Moves, Quizzard, Tic Tac Toe, Dance Master, Puzzle Time, Spell Master.

You can buy Miko3 here on Amazon :

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