SpotMicro is an open source robotic dog

SpotMicro is an open source robotic dog similar to the the Boston Dynamic’s Spot.

The Korean engineer of SpotMicro, Deok-Yeon Kim ,  designed each component very close to the original but using common components like servo motors and Arduino Mega. His contributions are welcome to all robotics enthusiast that were waiting for an opensource robot similar to the famous robot.


SpotMicro is a quadruped robot compatible with the OpenCat project  and the Petoi-Nybble Community that maintains the code of OpenCat offered support to the project :

Try the code of OpenCat. It only requires regular Arduino Uno for motion.


The robot features ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection, bluetooth communication for controls, and gyroscope for orientations. The possible functionalities of quadruped robots are similar and includes :
  • surveillance
  • map of environment
  • sense and avoid obstacles
  • climb stairs
  • payload transportation
  • movement in rough terrains
  • higher agility and speed


spotmicro and plen2
spotmicro and plen2


The project reached over 20 different remixes, some includes modification like usage of simple SG90 servos or different board like ESP32 and ESp8266 and various  sensors/camera


You can check all remixes here




We suggest to follow the Deok-Yeon Kim  on Instagram to see the robot in action!

Meanwhile you can check OpenCat and the commercial product Nybble robotic kitten.

For more biped robots you can check OttoDIY or Cubee biped robot !

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  1. Has anyone else come up with any code for the spot micro robot? Specific to this robot?

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