This Robotic Excavator weight 20-tons and runs alone

Built-Robotics built a Robotic Excavator to automate construction machines using using robotic controller kit. The idea is to have a single human operator to oversee a fleet of vehicles working autonomously in parallel. The human operator will take control of the unit only for tasks the machine can’t handle.

The kit adapts to excavators, bulldozers and skid steers and includes Lidar, GPS and Wi-Fi sensors. It connects to the machine’s internal control system.

This can be your dream or your worst nightmare : this 20 tons Robotic Excavator runs autonomously around making holes in the ground where is needed.

The Idea:

Infrastructure needs to be maintained or rebuilt, and housing demands is growing: company’s mission is to create robots that can help humans in their work.

Safety :

The company implemented a series of security features like stop buttons, 360 degree cameras and sensors to detect any anomalies.

Cameras on and around the vehicles are constantly checking for anyone who might stray too close. There’s an additional big red emergency stop button on the back of each machine and a wireless button meant on the operator’s desk.


[Official website ]


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