Will robots take our jobs? Only the boring part.

Will robots take our jobs? Only the boring part! Adapting to the technology advancement are the core of the human evolution  : we didn’t have artificial light before 1878, it took more than 10 years to make our cities slowly coexist with electric lines and illumination system . We conquered the night.


Robots are machines capable of tasks without human intervention.

Like the “humans in the dark” today we feel a wind forward a new robot/human coexistence. Our life is slowly changing : Robots are between us building our goods, transporting us around , delivering or storing our packages , making us food or make us company.


The robot is an asset of innovation, like the lightbulb, that can make our life and our work better.

Mostly likely we will not waste our precious time in repetitive tasks.

robot-jobs-helping Photo of Matt Rourke

We will be able once again to live our day, innovate, make perfect, building, evolving and think more …do things that we didn’t have time for, once again.

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Will the robots take our jobs?

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