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NASA’s Dragonfly

NASA is preparing $1 Billion dollars mission to Titans ( one of Saturn’s moon) using a new drone-like robot called Dragonfly. The robot can move using propellers and use a radioisotope thermo-electric generator to recharge it’s battery using radio frequencies ( like a solar panel). Dragonfly robot should last 2.5 years, it will be a new record of endurance because that previously Cassini Probe only last 90 minutes in the Titan atmosphere.


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Microduino showcase

The mCookie “lego robot”  make it’s appearance to the Maker Faire Bay Area 2019 . The mCookie robot aim simplify the STEAM education because  adding a new module took less than a second with a “click” of magnets. Different modules variety include motors, wifi shields, leds, sensors,  everything go in place with a simple snap . Coding can be made using Arduino IDE , MIT Scratch  or mBLOCKS

Microduino mcookie
Microduino mcookie

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Amazon new robots create new job

Amazon Robotics  VP Brad Porter took to the stage to showcase a pair of new robots designed  Xanthus  to accelerate automation in the company’s fulfillment centers. The robots aim to be a “helper” for their current employees, not a replacement. The robotic system will increase the building capacity, and as it scales we will need to hire more people to help sustain the increased productivity levels.

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