The future of living in Mars is entrusted to robots

This NASA 3D Printing competition explore a future of living in Mars planet and how a human habitat could be designed and delivered using robots and 3D printing technologies.

Team HASSELL showcase a video with external shells that can be constructed entirely by modular “one wheel” autonomous robots and living shells capable of make humans live on Mars.

In contract the European Spage Agency shows a legged robot that can traverse unstructured terrain and that “one wheel” robots are unable to reach.

Space Bok Robot :

In contrast to other legged robots, SpaceBok can hop . While this is not particularly useful on Earth, it could reach a height of four metres on the moon. This would allow for a fast and efficient way of moving forward.

You want to build your Mars exploration robot ? checkthe open source SpotMicro or Lobot Balanced Robot


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