The Power of Robots – World Robot Conference 2019

The largest robot convention in the world is in China and this year the robot are more impressive and advanced than ever before.

The World Robot Conference 2019 is being held in Beijing from August 20 to 25. The event showcases more than 700 models of the latest robotic technologies and upgrades, and, this year, they can swim, fly and even perform brain surgery.


Robotic Dogs

Robot makers are betting that their four-legged machines will prove useful in a variety of applications in construction, security, delivery, and even at home.


Intelligent service robot

Named XR-1, the cute commercial humanoid service robot is powered by a “constantly evolving cloud brain.” It can perform tasks like picking up objects, opening doors or even threading a needle, “making it perfect as a concierge, receptionist, business guide, or VIP service staff under different scenario,” according to its creator CloudMinds.


Robotic Arms:

The UR5 is a flexible, collaborative robot arm “built with the future in mind” by Universal Robots. Keen to show off their creation’s versatility, engineers showcased the bot stacking paper cups, moving objects and even demonstrating a brain surgery technique.

Dobot robotic arms showcase complex ideogram writing


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The robot consists of a translucent hemisphere, a central watertight body and eight tentacles for propulsion. AquaJelly’s translucent hemispherical dome houses an annular control board with integrated, pressure, light and radio sensors.



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