Montreal ICRA 2019: showcase of most advanced robots in the world

Montreal is becoming popular as Canada’s robotic hub where scientist are sharing knowledge, improvements and presenting as result the best robots in the world.

The 2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation showcase the most advanced robots :

  • Eve-3 (human assistant robot)
  • Gen-2 (telepresence robot)
  • Spot Mini
  • Cheeta 
  • ANYmal
  • Laikago  ( quadruped robots )
laikago quadruped robot
laikago quadruped robot


From the Chairman of the ICRA Gregory Dudek:

This is the word’s robotic biggest conference anywere, we have 1300 scientific paper presented and a activity in any kind of robotics. The robotic field in general is growing in size and adoption in daily life:  we see robotic out of the lab working with people in roads, home and factories.

Video :

Quadruped Robots showcase

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