Xiaomi MITU DIY kit is perfect for building robots

Xiaomi MITU is a modular “blocks” kit similar to Lego Mindstorm that’s easy to assemble and require no soldering : just connect and play! The kit include a central unit that connect with a smartphone, two motors and a pack of plastic blocks to give different shapes to your creations!

The kit include a wheeled robot and using your creativity you can build a dinosaur, a robotic arm or a walking robot with the same components !



  • Smartphone remote controlled
  • Simple to assemble and to connect
  • Auto balancing mode
  • Coding using the App
  • Different shapes with plastic “blocks”

You can buy the Xiaomi MITU Robot Kit here (Sponsored Link ๐Ÿ™‚ )

If you prefer to assemble the electronic part yourself you can check also Lobot MicroBit Wheeled robot or OTTODIY robot

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