Wobbly pink robot is solving the “last mile delivery”

Wobbly pink robot by Tiny Mile Robots is solving the problem of “last mile delivery” and is actually delivering food everyday and at very small price ( 2.99$) in Toronto.


Wobbly is simple and easy to build:  a smartphone,  x1 motors controller ( like Arduino), internet connection to enable video streaming and some collision sensors. The robot is remote controlled by an operator from its office.

“Instead of doing something very difficult and something that can carry groceries or something large, we decided to do the simplest thing and do something very small.”

Government robots make room for their new pink overlord. from r/BirdsArentReal

The company has signed service contracts with local restaurants and they have seen the number of orders rising, expecially during pandemic hit .

Orders are placed at the restaurant and staff at Tiny Robot send the robot to pick up the food. the local restaurant then places the food inside the storage container of the robot and what is left is to drive to the customer’s home.


During the COVID19 virus , only few delivery robots produced results. Still after 7 months, we didn’t have our streets full of delivery robots, but this one is an hopeful exception.

[Source: Toronto CTV News ]

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