CHOP robot walks with you

CHOP is a quadruped robot build by Miguel Ayuso Parrilla in a complete opensource project  that include instructions, files and source code, enabling makers to build their own version with less than 500$!

CHOP robot :

The robots uses 12 servo motors for the movements, a Arduino Mega “spine” for controlling the motors and a RaspberryPI  as “brain” with camera for navigation and remote controlling.

The software is written using python3 using an inverse kinematics model algorithm  ( like used in more expensive robots like Spot).


Advantages :

The main advantages of this kind of robot is that it could walk with you in rough terrain or slopes : It could potentially reach places that are very hard for a wheeled machine, also they can be used as surveillance devices, recognition of areas not passable by vehicles and even rescues in areas with danger of collapse.



{  instruction & files }

{Source code }

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