MiniPupper – “ROS” robot dog in the palm of your hand

MiniPupper is the a ROS-compatible evolution of  PupperOpen-source Robot Dog platform for education with less than $500USD.  MiniPupper is a robotic platform to make easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts, and beyond to help learn robotics.

SimilarPetoi Bittle or SpotMicro, with the possibility to display animation like Vector  robot!

Target Hackers & Researcher

The compatibility of MiniPupper with ROS code standards, cameras and LIDAR system make it perfect for some advanced features like autonomus navigation and surveillance , similar to Boston Dynamics ‘s SPOT

Mini Pupper has been launched on the Stanford Pupper website, endorsed and highlighted by ROS foundation, and is one of the finalist on Hackaday’s 2021 Price .

Our target is NOT the cheapest robot dog, but the BEST robot dog for education at an acceptable price. For more information, please refer to GitHub Repository MiniPupper

Tech Specs:


Kits: Both Cypress Software and MangDang sell part kits and pre-assembled robots.

NEXT : Petoi Bittle a robot dog that fit in your hand & RobotCat is a new 3D printed opensource kitty!

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