Hasbro’s Optimus Prime – Auto Transformable robot for collectors

Robosen  & Hasbro ‘s new Optimus Prime,  a robot toy that transforms from vehicle to robot and viceversa in few seconds. The robot is intended as highly coveted “collector” item ( also due to the 799$ price tag ) to the fan of the Transformers saga.

Similar to Alexa , Optimus Prime is always listen to vocal commands via “Hey Optimus Prime” , it will perform over 50 animations, connect to your phone via mobile app and be remote controlled.  It comes in a premium protected package with manuals.


Technical specs :

  • 27 Motors
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • around 2hours play time
  • 19” tall robot
  • accessories
  • 5000 components with 60 microchips and collision sensors for each motor.
  • sounds and lights animations

Hasbro promised a new update with USB programming compatibility, new feature and bugfixes [Source : TheVerge]

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