Fine tuned Mini Marimba Robot plays for us!

This robot sailor is fine tuned to play song using a Marimba instrument! The maker Equals Engineering  explains the process step by step in the video below,  from the construction of the instrument to the code in its channel!

I 3D printed a mini marimba and built a robot to play it for me. The mini marimba ended up to have an ocean vibe since the best mallet for the bars was a float. And then the song choices was easy, “Drunken sailor” and “Wellerman” sea shanties.

The robot contains only few components :  3D printed pieces using a Prusa i3 , metal screws,  an Arduino and x4 MG90 servo motor. All the files are avaiable here on Thingiverse for free ! Good Job 🙂 !


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