Nabot AI – reinventing robots with a new powerful AI

Nabot AI  transform Mebo 2.0 in a true artificial intelligence robot using the computational power of your smartphone.  Ximpatico choose a clever approach : join an existing product,  Mebo 2.0 , and AI-powered mobile app to create a user-friendly robotic platform.

We are Ximpatico, a venture-backed startup based in the US with offices in San Jose, CA and Orlando, FL. Founders are Ph.D. graduates in computer science and engineering behind the state-of-the-art in AI and robotics. We developed a cutting-edge AI technology back in 2016 in our research lab.

Nabot is an upgraded Mebo 2.0 that is smart and autonomous with a coding interface.

Mebo 2.0 is an interactive robot shaped like a classic robotic arm and crane, it is already assembled and you can play with it immediately. With its basic mobile app “standard”, the robot act as video surveillance robot around your home.  The robot is controller manually similar to old robot like Tomy Omnibot.

Mobile Powered

Using the 720p onboard camera, wheels and the prehensile arm, the robot is able to execute several tasks. Nabot AI can autonomously pick up toys, recognise and map objects, perform actions like mop the floor.


The great upgrade of this robot is its mobile app : It uses an offline version of Tensorflow AI Image Classifier to identify objects, the coding interface is seem easy to use and inspired to the popular Google’s Blocky .

For security purposes all the calculation and image processing are executed in your smartphone.  the Mobile Apps and Python SDK will be available in future.

You can preorder today your NabotAI robot at 259$ . Check now the Ximpatico KickStarter Campaign!




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