Kiki is more than a robotic pet

Kiki is the robotic companion powered by AI  that socialize and  grows to be unique based on the interaction with people.

Once trained, Kiki’s AI, could understands your emotions based on your face expression or your tone of voice . Kiki will try the best to cheer you up 🙂


Interaction with the robot are touch feedback and voice command. There is also a mobile app where you can “feed” your Kiki with virtual food or personalize some settings.

The main features of Kiki are a cheerful personality and its expressivity: like a pet, Kiki uses facial recognition and object recognition and has a memory to differentiate friends and strangers. Kiki knows who the  owner is, and it will need your help to recognize new faces.

On board:

  • The robot “brain” is based on ARM processsor ( from the video it looks running Linux Debian )
  •  IPS screen for eyes for interactions
  • 4 motors
  • a wide range of touch sensors
  • 160° wide range camera with 1024dp resolution
  • IMU to detect orientation
  • battery to last over two hours




The Kickstarter for Kiki by Zoetic AI is open!


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