Watch this STAR WARS DROID came to life

Will Huff‘s latest cration is a Star Wars droid replica build using hobby servos and 3D printed parts. The droid is also equipped with a “juice” container, located in its bottom part, in order to dispense and serve drink like a robot bartender.

What is inside

The Star Wars Droid components are build using  3D Printer Creality CR-10-MAX , the controlled boards is a EZB v4/2 Board and is using several 60 kg/cm servos for movements and animations. 

A Droid Bartender

On Part 3 of this series I tackle assembling the pump system on my bartender robot, which is designed to decant liquid in to a cup using voice recognition and commands. I also finish the back door and install sensors for fluid run out!

Heads up

The creator has build several interesting robot animatronix like Alan, Alena and Robomodix series. You can watch more on Will Huff’s YouTube channel,

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