Telexistence Robot “02” – Japan’s stores robot worker

Robot “02” by Telexistence will be deployed in 20 FamilyMart store in Japan.  At first, operator will operate them remotely during a learning process, after that the robot work will autonomously .

telexistence-robot-02-copyright REUTERS/Issei Kato
telexistence-robot-02-copyright REUTERS/Issei Kato

The idea is not to replace human workers but to add human operators to control those robots from home , increasing the total workforce. Having a “robot avatar” can be beneficial in several occasion like night shifts or pandemic times.

Robot 02 in action:

The operators will use virtual reality goggles and motion-sensor controls to train this machines. Its peculiar design is meant to help shoppers feel at ease because people can feel uncomfortable around robots that look too human.

Ps.  This robot vaguely remember me the famous Gettar Robot anime 🙂


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