Handle & OTTO can replace warehouse’s workers

Robot to takeover a human jobs? Yes, its real! Last video from Boston Dynamics shows their robot Handle to unload a cargo of packages and load them on OTTO transpot robot ready for delivery.

A robot job

Handle is doing a simple job for a human, but very complex for robots  : Grabbing different type and shapes , materials of packages while adapting to its weight without damaging the content. The result is a chain of delivery “Warehouse” fully automated.

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 ‘I’m not a robot’

Warehouse workers condemn unsafe conditions at Amazon: some of the job is to inspect and scan a mandated rate of 1,800 packages an hour – 30 per minute – that are sent through a conveyor belt before leaving the facility for delivery, 8 hours per day with 15 minute break. The packages load increase during Christmas and sales period. Amazon workers recently signed a petition to have their condition improved.


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