Ascento 2 robot showcase benefits of leg/wheels combo

Ascento 2 is a small and fast jumping robotic platform designed for mixed environments. The combination of wheels and legs allows it to move quickly on flat terrain and to overcome obstacles by jumping.

Project Ascento has been run by a team of 9 Bachelor students at ETH Zurich. Over the course of 9 months, we have conceived, designed and manufactured a robot that is capable of climbing stairs by jumping up steps. Also very quick on his wheels, the robot shows unprecedented indoor manoeuvrability and mobility.


Technical Specs

  • 10.4 kg Total Weight
  • 1.5 h Operation Time
  • 0.4 m Max. Jumping Height
  • 8.0 km/h Max. Velocity
  • Control 3D Mouse and Gesture Control
  • Cameras Vision Algorithms for Autonomous robots

New features for Ascento 2 robot :

  •  adaptive legs
  •  off-road capability
  •  robust stabilisation
  •  curve leaning
  •  fall recovery
  •  jump on spot
  •  jump on a step
  •  drive down a step

Project Intro:

[Source Paper ]


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